Everyone Deserves a Chance at the American Dream

What does DCTF do?

DCTF addresses the affordable housing and homeownership issues for Asian Americans and other minority communities.  We want to address the social equality and justice issues against Asian Americans, especially, with the rapid increase in Asian Hate crimes.  

Our organization wanted to create a platform for community leaders to give them a voice to advocate for our community and to inspire and mentor the younger generations to create more opportunities in the real estate and financial world for themselves. 

We want to help the homeless, senior citizens, battered women, people who are in distress that cannot afford rent, and individuals who want to finally have homeownership so that everyone who may be in need has one of the three necessities of life: a shelter, a roof over their heads. Everyone deserves a chance at the American Dream.

Issues that need to be addressed

Homeownership in the Black community is 42%, 45% for the Hispanic Community, 14% for the Mongolian community, 46% for the Korean American community and 52% for the Asian American Community. Yet, government programs, major banks, and corporations are all focused on giving/helping Black and Brown communities and not showing that same support towards Asian American communities. Most of mainstream America sees Asian Americans as the model minority with occupations like doctors and engineers. However, the numbers tell a different story.

One of the main problems is that Asian American communities are not included in the plans and budgets the government and American conglomerates make to revitalize and empower minority communities. Just until recently, Asian American communities were counted as the “Other” by the US Census. We, Asian Americans were in the “Other” category, a category that intrinsically treats and views us differently. The mainstream media only reports on the studious Asian students who get accepted into the top colleges but does not seem to see the majority of the community who are left uncounted.

DCTF will try to educate everyone about the fact that the Asian American community is economically diverse. Some are successful, but many are still struggling to achieve the American dream of owning a home, and even having a roof over their heads. With our platform, people will have a voice to reach out to the government and mainstream America to show them the problems and provide solutions we can hopefully work on together. 

Our Objectives

To help make our society a safer, greater place for ourselves and our children by improving the lives of the people in our communities. Although it is an altruistic endeavor, we will all ultimately benefit from it by living in a better society that is just equitable and safe.

Internships & Mentoring

With the collaboration and support from the top educators and professionals in Real Estate and finance industry, DCTF offers an internship and mentoring program. The fellows will participate in a series of seminars, trainings and networking events. Our vision is to help young people develop healthy, strong relationships, and professional experience that allow them to reach their full potential.

Why You Should Join Us

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A Turning Point: Enlightenment Through Crisis and Community

Read how the founder’s experience of living through the LA Riots, brought him to a moment of enlightenment. 

While I wouldn't pinpoint a single 'aha' moment as my complete enlightenment, the LA Riots serve as a watershed event that profoundly altered my perspective on society and my role within it. During the riots, I witnessed disturbing instances of abdication of duty. The sight of police officers, who were expected to protect citizens, idly sitting in their patrol cars adjacent to ongoing looting was disheartening. Their passive smiles, captured by the media, were not expressions of disbelief but seemed to represent an unsettling detachment from the chaos unfolding before them. In the aftermath of the unrest, I channeled my disillusionment into meaningful action by joining various non-profit organizations. It was through these collective efforts that I experienced the transformative power of unity and education. I learned that addressing social issues wasn't just about disseminating information; it was also about inspiring and empowering those who listened. Being an active participant in the community didn’t just open my eyes; it awakened my spirit. I began to realize that the strength of collective action could ignite change on a grand scale. For the first time, I felt truly empowered and began to envisage the endless possibilities that lay ahead—possibilities that were not mere fantasies but attainable goals that could drive meaningful impact. This newfound clarity didn't just reveal the challenges we face; it illuminated the pathways to solutions. It helped me understand that each of us can transcend our limitations and that together, we can reshape our communities and, by extension, our world.

Peter Park, Founder of Dreams Come True Foundation 501(c)(3)
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