Raising Awareness as Well as the Hopes and Dreams of All Families

Our Mission

DCTF empowers real estate professionals to increase sustainable homeownership for minority communities and provide affordable housing. We advocate for diversity, equity, and economic opportunities by creating and gathering resources to build a better society.

Our Vision

Inspiring and creating a better society where everyone attains homeownership and sees their Dreams Come True.

Our Five Point Plan

1. Advocate nationally to develop programs that reduce barriers and increase sustainable homeownership in minority communities.

2. Foster responsible homeownership by providing housing education through live and online courses on topics such as foreclosure prevention, grants, financial literacy, and understanding credit, pre and post-purchase.

3. Develop affordable housing projects and programs for first-time homebuyers.

4. Inspire the growth of diversity in the real estate profession. Provide impactful programs, and events to build networks, opportunities, and expertise. Provide actionable steps for industry leaders to make changes and help diversify their organizations by providing a network of minority real estate professionals. Encourage and mentor emerging young minority real estate professionals.

5. Provide a platform where real estate professionals, community and business leaders can connect to share ideas, get educated, be empowered and contribute to creating a better society.

The Impact of Our Mission: More Than Bricks and Mortar

In a world fraught with inequalities and social challenges, we serve as a beacon of hope and an agent of tangible change. Our mission extends beyond the boundaries of real estate; it is a profound calling to empower lives. Imagine the sense of solace and liberation that envelops someone as they cross the threshold of a home they can call their own—especially in a nation where homeownership is seen as a cornerstone of the American Dream. With specialized expertise and unparalleled commitment, we excel in turning this dream into reality.

Our focus is not merely transactional but transformative, targeting affordable housing and homeownership for Asian Americans and other minority groups. In a climate where hate crimes against Asian Americans have alarmingly escalated, our role is even more pivotal. By addressing these pressing issues, we are also shining a light on broader social inequalities and injustices.

We aim to build an influential platform where community leaders can give voice to the myriad challenges faced by these marginalized communities. By amplifying these voices, we can collectively advocate for systemic changes that will usher in a more equitable landscape for future generations.

Our mission transcends housing; it encompasses the well-being and future of our youth, ensuring that they experience life’s opportunities in all their richness and diversity. Through a blend of advocacy, expertise, and genuine compassion, we are uniquely positioned to create a more just and inclusive society for all.


Charitable Work

  • Providing affordable housing to people who cannot afford a regular rent.
  • Educate and empower our members to have outreach programs to increase the homeownership.
  • Provide mentoring for our young generation to be better prepared and inspire them to reach out for better opportunities.

How It All Began

Though the seed for this organization was sown as far back as 2017, it was in the crucible of 2020 that our vision crystallized. Compelled by the escalating circumstances, we officially launched the organization in May 2021.

Our founder, Peter Park, along with several board members, had long harbored the aspiration to establish an organization of this nature. However, the urgency to actualize this dream heightened dramatically in the face of a troubling surge in anti-Asian hate crimes across the globe.

Responding to Crisis: A Pledge to Unite, Not Divide

Confronted with this unsettling reality, we felt an overwhelming need to take action. Yet, our instinct was not to respond with hostility, but rather to extend a hand of fellowship. Our mission became more evident than ever: to open channels of communication and work collaboratively to identify and implement effective solutions.

In a world increasingly marked by divisiveness, we were moved to cultivate unity. We acknowledged that our strength lies in our ability to stand together, share our collective wisdom, and drive change through understanding and cooperation.

Thus, from a climate of adversity emerged a steadfast resolve to create an organization dedicated to fostering inclusion, equity, and community engagement.